Server Management

Server Management

Your Server Administrator

We’ll monitor your servers, restore failed services, and keep your systems updated.
  • Support for one server
  • Server monitoring & rescue
  • Security monitoring
  • Initial system tuning & hardening
  • Regular server updates
  • Backup monitoring & audits
  • Security audits & hardening
  • Performance tuning
  • Hardware fault resolution
  • Website monitoring & rescue
We’ll monitor your servers, restore failed services, and keep your systems updated.

Cloud Server Troubleshooting

We will help you setup services and resolve errors in your cloud servers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.).

Disaster Recovery

We will help in full or partial restoration of your server in case something goes wrong.

Infected Website Recovery

We’ll restore a clean backup, or manually clean the site if backup is unavailable.

Software Update & Patching

At periodic intervals, we will install pending software updates and apply security patches.

IP Blacklist Removal

We’ll delist your IP, and patch the vulnerability that caused the blacklisting.

Service Optimization

We will regularly optimize your database, app and web servers to ensure super fast response times.

Database Repair

Bobcares server administrators will recover your data, or restore it from backup.

Security Hardening

We will keep your servers bulletproof by tightening security settings and setting up security software.

Bruteforce Mitigation

If someone tries to bruteforce your server, we will block their IP to protect your apps.

Backup Setup & Restoration

If you need your data restored from backup, or need your backups reconfigured, we will do it for you.

Fix Email Errors

If your business mail, marketing lists, or other mails fail, we will fix that.

Security Audits

Our security experts will audit your servers periodically and fix any server vulnerability we find.

Website Monitoring & Rescue

With our performance monitoring & server optimization, your server will be in safe hands.

Disk Space Management

With regular disk space audits, clearing junk files, space expansion, etc., we prevent disk space issues.

Database Optimization

We will audit your database settings to find performance bottlenecks and optimize your database.